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This is a self-portrait I did when I was going through my ‘blue period’ – we affectionately call it ‘Janet Smurf’. Now you can see why I write instead of paint!

7 random things about me:

1. I accidentally mooned a crowd at a Bolivian wedding.
2. I’ve been chased by a gang of baboons. And I mean gang. They were organised and vicious. All that was missing was their leather jackets and tattoos!
3. I wrote my first novel when I was 22. It was a cross between Star Wars, Monsters Inc. and Tinkerbelle. Funnily enough, no one wanted to publish it. Odd that…
4. I was a portrait artist on the streets of Amsterdam for a time.
5. I worked night shift as a security guard at Stirling Castle in Scotland while I was in college. The castle was on a terrorist hit-list back then. To defend it they gave me a flashlight, a two-way radio that only worked one-way and made me wear a polyester A-line skirt…
6. I taught art at summer camp in America – twice. The first time I met my Dutch husband and he took me back to Holland as his souvenir. The second time I got strep throat, a weird rash, food poisoning, a sprained ankle and accidentally dyed my hair green…
7. I once got locked in a shop when it closed for the day. The staff went home. I had to call the police to come get me out.

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In case you were wondering what I actually look like 🙂

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