1. I once set a classroom on fire while trying to teach kids to cook
  2. I’m an art history addict and have a fascination with mummies that borders on obsession!
  3. I have two pet sheep who kick my back door and baa through the cat flap when they want a sandwich
  4. I’ve been sat on by a donkey, chased by an elephant and bitten by a monkey
  5. I would leave my husband for Stephen Amell (the Arrow). Just kidding. (mostly…)
  6. I taught clay work in a hut in the Amazon jungle and spent my nights sleeping beside a friendly gecko
  7. I was arrested for spying in Ethiopia – I was innocent!!! 🙂
  8. I went to art college where I made bad sculpture in the photography department
  9. I’m married to a Dutchman who is too afraid to read my books
  10. I am currently addicted to watching this video:

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