Benson Security Character Cheat Sheet

NOTE: This is rough. Please ignore all the spelling mistakes! One day, I’ll get around to fixing them. 🙂

Lake Benson Married to Kirsty


English Runs Benson Security Ex-Sas
Betty  McLeod Considers herself a mother figure to Lake and Callum Scottish Interfers with everybody’s business Evil overlord of Invertary
Harry Boyle Married to Magenta Scottish (Invertary) Silent partner in Benson Security and IT genius Currently running a charity in Africa
Claire Donaldson(Dayton) Married to Grunt

They have 2 kids and one on the way

Scottish (Invertary) Wife, mother and sister of her twin Megan and police officer of Invertary, Matt Ex-kindy teacher
Grunt (aka Samuel Dayton) Married to Claire


American Works for Benson Security in Scotland Ex-Marine

Best friends with Joe, Noah, Harvard and Beast

Megan Donaldson Married to Dimitri Raast Scottish (Invertary) Security specialist at Benson Security London Just finished her trainee time at Benson
Dimitri Raast (aka Petrokov by Rudi) Married to Megan (Their book is Reckless) American Works out of London office Ex Army Ranger
Joe Barone Married to julia (their book is Relentless) Italian-American Training manager London office Ex-Marine
Julia Collins Married to Joe English Office manager, London. Was a child actress and singer.

Has a very wealthy and famous family.

Rachel Ford-Talbot Single english One of the four owners of Benson security Trustfund darling, heir to a pharmacuetical company
Ryan Granger Single English Works out of the london office Ex-UK army
Callum McKay Married to Isobel (their story is in Rage) Scottish One of the four owners of Benson Security and head of the London office along with Rachel Ex- SAS

Lost both legs in war.

Isobel Sinclair Married to Callum

Mother of two

Scottish Mother, wife
Elle Roberts Single but obsessed with a mysterious man – David ?English? IT specialist for Benson Security Ex-hacker
David Mystery man  Spy?





Harvard Single American New member of Benson Security working out of the London office Ex-CIA

Friend of Joe, Grunt, Beast and Noah

Noah Widower

Two kids

American New member of Benson Security working out of the London office Ex-cop
Beast With Belinda Collins (Ransom) American Ex-MMA fighter and sometime bodyguard
Belinda Collins With Beast (Ransom) English Oscar-nominated actress.

Sister to Julia.

Violet Lee Single Scottish

(Of Chinese parents)

New member of Benson Security working out of the London office Ex-police officer