Benson’s Boys book 3 out now!

It’s live! Callum and Isobel’s story is now available online in ebook and paperback. 🙂 If you don’t already have a copy, you’ll find the links below. I really hope you enjoy Rage. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!

rage copy


He’s lost his purpose. She’s giving it back. Whether he wants it or not!

These are the circumstances that led to Isobel Sinclair’s latest stupid decision:
1. She was a teenage mum who (unknowingly!) went on to marry a criminal.
2. She’s now divorced with two kids, a mountain of debt (courtesy of her criminal ex) and a minimum wage job.
3. A loan shark is after her to pay off her ex-husband’s debt, only Isobel doesn’t have any money to give him.
4. Desperation leads Isobel to sell the stolen goods she finds on the beach outside her house, rather than report the find to the police.
5. The people who lost their bounty have returned.
6. This time, they leave behind a body…

At this point, a normal person would call the cops. But Isobel isn’t normal. She’s a single mum, with two kids to feed, and a leery loan shark breathing down her neck. The last thing she needs is the cops sending her to jail for fencing stolen goods. And that’s the reason Isobel makes the stupidest decision of her life so far—she asks the most dangerous man she knows for help to deal with the body.

Callum McKay has hardly been spotted since he moved to the tiny Scottish town of Arness, four months earlier. But rumours about him abound. Some say he was in the Special Forces and received a medical discharge after he stepped on a landmine. Others say he worked for an international security company, but they kicked him out after he got his team killed. Some folk believe he turned rogue and now only works with criminals. And there are those who are convinced he’s a wanted man, hiding from the authorities. Whatever the story, everyone agrees on a few key things: Callum McKay is deadly, volatile and quite possibly suicidal.

He’s also Isobel’s only hope.

Callum is about to learn that you can quit Benson Security, but it doesn’t quit you!