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The Invertary Insiders Blog!

This is where you'll find posts about characters, research, story ideas and all sorts of things that are book related. I can't wait to talk to you about all this stuff!

Deleted Scene from Come Fly With Me
Brodie couldn’t get to sleep because of bloody Bain and all his talk of Katya being sexier than ever. He had eyes, damn it, and he didn’t need his brother pointing out how good she looked. He could see it for himself. Age had made her sexier. Honed h...
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Where did the idea for Bain's Pet Stalker come from?
As you know, the heroine in my next book, Love Bomb, developed a reputation of being Bain's stalker while she was a teen. The poor girl was love struck by our hero and lurked behind bushes just to get a glimpse of him. Of course, when we meet her, sh...
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Deleted Scene from Here Comes The Rainne Again
I was hunting down some files this week and found a deleted scene from Here Comes The Rainne Again. I thought you might like to read it. :) This was the way I initially planned on starting that book, but I thought it was too slow. I also changed the ...
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Interview with Lake Benson
This week, I interviewed Lake Benson - the man behind three series of books. Without him in Lingerie Wars, Invertary book 1, we wouldn't have any Benson Security books, and if we didn't have any Benson Security books, Callum would never have met the ...
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