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New Invertary Book Coming Soon!!

I'm so excited to tell you that the next Invertary Too book is being released on Christmas Day. I can't wait to share Bain and Rona's story with you. Here's what it's all about.

WARNING: A love bomb is about to explode in the Highlands. There will be casualties...

For three humiliating years during high school, Bain MacGregor had his very own pet stalker. Two years younger than him, and built like a matchstick that’d been set on fire, Rona Murray followed him everywhere. Her frizzy orange head a beacon of her love. Whether he was messing about in chemistry class, building bombs in his father’s shed, or riding around town on his dirt bike pretending it was a Harley—Rona was there. He lost count of how many times she’d declared her love for him. And of how many times he’d punched his brothers for laughing. It’d been a relief when her parents had sold up and taken her out of town.

Now, Bain’s all grown up. The bombs he builds are used in demolition, the bike he rides really is a Harley, and the only chemistry he cares about is sexual. Life is exactly the way he wants it—no pressure, no commitment, and no hassle.

Which is why he isn’t thrilled to open his door to find Rona smiling up at him. She may have filled out some, and learned how to control her hair, but the feral gleam in her eyes remained. Unfortunately, before he can tell her it’s never going to happen between them, she says: “Don’t worry. I’m not here to propose. I just need you to blow something up for me. Got any tea?”

How Bain ends up watching her walk down the hall to his kitchen, he really doesn’t know. But he has a sneaking suspicion that his teenage years were just a warm-up for Rona Murray.

*** Love Bomb is a steamy, opposites attract story set in a small Highland town. Guaranteed HEA.***