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The bookstores have conspired against me, either that or they hated my countdown, whatever their reason, they’ve released Ransom early! Yep, you read right – it’s OUT NOW! 😀 Here are the links so far: AMAZON: iBooks: Kobo: B+N: still waiting for them. And here’s what it’s all about: She’s an Oscar-nominated actress from a British acting dynasty. He’s an Atlantic City MMA fighter who grew up on the streets. Together, they’re each other’s only hope…

Talking with Tamar

The lovely Tamar Hela (with her freaking awesome name!) invited me onto her blog. I’m sharing secrets about my life, my working process and my stupidity. You can read it here. I hope you’ll check it out and take the time to wander through the rest of her fantastic blog as well. 😀