the Invertary books

The Invertary books are a series of standalone romance novels set in the same Highland town. Although they share some of the same characters, each book focuses on one couple and has a happy ending. You don’t have to read through the series to enjoy each individual story. 🙂 The first in the series, Lingerie […]

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My blog

Why not join me at my blog? I mainly use it to humiliate myself as I tell the world about everything that goes wrong in my life! If you can’t laugh at yourself – who can you laugh at?

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New book OUT NOW!

The Davina Code tells the story of Jack and Davina as they battle over an old gothic house Jack has inherited. Unfortunately, he also inherited a tenant – Davina! This one was a lot of fun to write because Davina is completely off her head and poor Jack does suffer. I hope you’ll have a look […]

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