Lake and Kirsty are getting married!

There’s been a change of plans! I was in the middle of writing Mitch’s story, when Kirsty and Lake from Lingerie Wars (Invertary Book 1) decided it was time to get married. To be fair, they have been engaged for three years. 😉 They’re getting married on Leap Day and Lake’s sister Rainne is coming back to the Highlands for the wedding. It’s been three long years since Rainne walked out on Alastair. I wonder if he’s still there waiting for her? And I wonder if they’re still the same people who fell in love the first time around? mmmm….

In the meantime, all I can tell you is that the wedding is chaos, Kirsty is wondering whether to call the whole thing off and Betty has a big part to play on the day. Keep an eye out for more news soon. Preorder links coming your way as soon as I’ve sorted them out!

300 here comes the Rainne again copy