Lingerie Wars

All’s going well with my latest book. Yay!  Lingerie Wars tells the story of Lake Benson, an ex-army guy who buys a lingerie shop to help his sister out. He then takes over and does what he does best – wages war with the lingerie shop over the road! It’s a case of last shop standing and the whole town gets involved. Unfortunately for Lake, he knows nothing about lingerie – other than how to remove it from a willing body. Meanwhile, the owner of the rival shop is an ex-lingerie model, who knows quite a bit about lingerie – and about men! I’m having a blast with this story. Especially with Evil Betty, the 87 year old who resembles a Hobbit.

Here’s a beautiful pic of Scotland from The Lonely Planet guide – just to get you all in the mood.

Hoping to get Lingerie Wars on the shelves after Easter. Will keep you posted on actual dates. And on progress with the new cover – we’re shooting that soon, so expect many pictures!


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