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Benson Security 5, Rich

Rachel and Harvard’s book, Rich, is here at last. This book has been a long time coming, I know. But I wanted to do Rachel justice. I know she hasn’t been the most easy to like of my heroines, which meant I had a lot of work to do to make you like her. I hope I managed it. She still hasn’t changed, but maybe you’ll be able to see her softer underbelly after you read this. As for her hero – Harvard is one of my favorites. I LOVE that nothing riles this man. He has endless patience. And, let’s face it, he’ll need it with Rachel! Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy their story.

Happy reading!!

Janet x


About Rich:

She has secrets, and he has the training to uncover them.

One day, Rachel Ford-Talbot, was set on becoming CEO of her family’s pharmaceutical company. The next she wanted nothing to do with them. And no one knows why. Which is exactly how she wants to keep things. 

That’s why going undercover to find a thief in her family’s business is more dangerous than everyone thinks. Because Rachel knows there are secrets within the company, and in her past, that are best left buried. Secrets that are at risk of being exposed because her partner is a man whose whole life has been about uncovering information others would rather keep hidden. And for some reason, former CIA agent, Michael “Harvard” Carter, doesn’t find Rachel as cold and intimidating as most people. To him, she’s fascinating. Which could make him the biggest threat of all. Because if Harvard wanted to discover her secrets, there would be no stopping him.

***This is a standalone novel. You don’t have to have read any of my other books to enjoy it.***

What the advance reviewers are saying about Rich

“Where has this author been all of my life? I’m blown away by the emotions this book invoked as I read it. Despite the serious event that happens to the heroine, there are moments of outrage, laughter, and cheering that I just couldn’t hold back.” The Eclectic Book Review

“Rich is the perfect blend of romantic comedy and romantic suspense!” Sara – Goodreads

“Janet Elizabeth Henderson improves with each book she writes. RICH still has her trademarks: vividly scripted scenes, well developed characters, witty dialogue, sizzling sex scenes and many laugh-out-loud moments. But it is so much more!” Sandra – Goodreads

“Rich in laughter, rich in tears, rich in the way all great books are!!” Beverley – Goodreads

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