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Every woman needs a warrior at her back

There’s no hiding the fact that Julia Collins has issues.She’s shy to the point of trying to become invisible. She has OCDtendencies–breaking out in hives if she loses control of her environment. Shefinds it hard to talk to intimidating men, or more accurately, to any men. Afact that makes working as the office manager for Benson Security particularlydifficult–the company is made up almost entirely of huge, intimidating,ex-military men. But none of the men affect her the way Joe Barone does. Theex-marine is charming, confident, heroic and so sexy it hurts to look at him. Everythingabout Joe intimidates Julia. And that’s why, when he declares his interest in her,she does the only sensible thing–she hides.

There’s a limit to how long Joe Barone is going to tolerateJulia hiding. So what if she has a few issues? They don’t detract from her manyattributes. She’s gorgeous, smart, generous and kind. Which guy wouldn’t want awoman like that by his side? So when her grandmother gets arrested in SouthAmerica, Joe sees a perfect opportunity to show Julia how good they’d betogether. Julia needs someone to accompany her to Peru, someone who speaksSpanish and who doesn’t crumble in the face of authority. Julia needs Joe.

But when they get to Lima, they discover things are much worse than theywere led to believe. With dangerat every turn and lives on the line, Julia is forced to get past her issues andtrust in Joe–her life depends on it.