Elle Roberts wants two things in life:

One—to find out everything there is to know about the mysterious spy who keeps kissing her, and

Two—to stay off her mob family’s radar.

That isn’t too much to ask, is it? It’s not like she wants to win the lottery, or live in a Star Wars movie, or be Chris Hemsworth’s personal bather. All she wants is to not be part of a criminal organization and to tie down her elusive, and very sexy, spy—quite literally. After all, she still has a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs going to waste…

As for keeping off her family’s radar… That’s a matter of survival. It wasn’t easy growing up in the London Mob. Especially when your father is a certified psychopath who enjoys inflicting pain. So she ran. Totally understandable, right?

Unfortunately, her sticky hacker fingers got the better of her before she escaped, and she helped herself to all the information on her family she could find. On reflection, maybe not her smartest move. While she saw this information as insurance, her father viewed it as motivation to find her—hence her current predicament.

Her family has found her.

And they don’t care who they have to kill to get her back.

Because of Elle, her team at Benson Security has gone into hiding. Mobsters are hunting her and willing to hurt anyone who might get in their way. And the cops and every other law enforcement agency on the planet are desperate to get hold of her and turn her into a witness against her family.

Oh yeah, and remember the spy who’s been teasing her for years? Well, he’s back too.

And he’s brought along a whole heap of secrets of his own.



She has secrets, and he has the training to uncover them.

One day, Rachel Ford-Talbot, was set on becoming CEO of her family’s pharmaceutical company. The next she wanted nothing to do with them. And no one knows why. Which is exactly how she wants to keep things. 

That’s why going undercover to find a thief in her family’s business is more dangerous than everyone thinks. Because Rachel knows there are secrets within the company, and in her past, that are best left buried. Secrets that are at risk of being exposed because her partner is a man whose whole life has been about uncovering information others would rather keep hidden. And for some reason, former CIA agent, Michael “Harvard” Carter, doesn’t find Rachel as cold and intimidating as most people. To him, she’s fascinating. Which could make him the biggest threat of all. Because if Harvard wanted to discover her secrets, there would be no stopping him.

***This is a standalone novel. You don’t have to have read any of my other books to enjoy it.***



***This is a standalone novel. You don’t have to have read any of my other books to enjoy it.***


She’s an Oscar-nominated actress from a British acting dynasty.
He’s an Atlantic City MMA fighter who grew up on the streets.
Together, they’re each other’s only hope of survival.

When a new and power-hungry cartel nabs Belinda Collins from her sister’s wedding party at an exclusive jungle resort in Peru, John Garcia, a.k.a. Beast, tries to stop the kidnapping—only to be taken himself. The couple are transported deep into the Amazon rain forest and a ransom is demanded. The pair know that as soon as their kidnappers realize Beast isn’t famous, they’ll consider him surplus to requirements and kill him. Their only hope is escape. But with no jungle experience between them, running into the rain forest could be just as deadly as taking their chances with their kidnappers.

With their friends at Benson Security searching for the pair, and the jungle-savvy cartel hunting them down, Beast and Belinda have to work together to get out of the rain forest alive—before someone, or something, ensures they never leave at all.

*** This is an 80,000 word standalone novel with an HEA ***



Single mother Isobel Sinclair had made a lot of stupid decisions in her life. But the dumbest one had to be moving the body of a murdered man from the beach outside her house.

What could she say? She panicked.

And then she called her three sisters, who helped by panicking right along with her. Things just went downhill from there—as they usually did when the Sinclair sisters got together—until it seemed like a great idea to store the body in her freezer. Because, what else would you do with a body you found on a remote Scottish beach? Sure, she could have called the police, but that would mean having to explain some other stuff they really didn’t need to know. Plus, what would happen if they arrested her? Who would look after her kids if she went to jail? Okay, probably her sisters, but considering they were the ones who thought turning a dead guy into a popsicle was a great idea, she wasn’t too sure she could trust them with impressionable young minds.

Which led her to her latest dumb decision.

She reasoned that an ex-military man would know what to do with the body—after all, war meant bodies, right? And it just so happened that her town’s latest resident was a grumpy, reclusive, ex-soldier. Now all she had to do was gather her courage to ask him for help. Which is how she ended up on the doorstep of the scariest—and sexiest—man she’d ever met.

*** Winner of the Daphne du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense***


Overall Winner 2018


Every woman needs a warrior at her back

There’s no hiding the fact that Julia Collins has issues.She’s shy to the point of trying to become invisible. She has OCD tendencies–breaking out in hives if she loses control of her environment. She finds it hard to talk to intimidating men, or more accurately, to any men. A fact that makes working as the office manager for Benson Security particularly difficult–the company is made up almost entirely of huge, intimidating,ex-military men. But none of the men affect her the way Joe Barone does. The ex-marine is charming, confident, heroic and so sexy it hurts to look at him. Everything about Joe intimidates Julia. And that’s why, when he declares his interest in her,she does the only sensible thing–she hides.

There’s a limit to how long Joe Barone is going to tolerateJulia hiding. So what if she has a few issues? They don’t detract from her manyattributes. She’s gorgeous, smart, generous and kind. Which guy wouldn’t want awoman like that by his side? So when her grandmother gets arrested in SouthAmerica, Joe sees a perfect opportunity to show Julia how good they’d betogether. Julia needs someone to accompany her to Peru, someone who speaksSpanish and who doesn’t crumble in the face of authority. Julia needs Joe.

But when they get to Lima, they discover things are much worse than they were led to believe. With danger at every turn and lives on the line, Julia is forced to get past her issues and trust in Joe–her life depends on it.



Relentless Sneak Peak


If the mission doesn’t kill him, his sexy partner just might.

Dimitri Raast and Megan Donaldson have a common enemy—the head of an organisation that specializes in human trafficking and sexual slavery.

They have similar motivation—Dimitri’s sister was taken by the organisation, and Megan’s sister is threatened by it.

They have the same goal—eliminate their enemy and save their sisters.

Given they have so much in common, you would think working together would be a piece of cake.

You would be wrong.

While Dimitri brings skills and experience from years as a US army ranger to their partnership, Megan brings a background in failed career choices and an ability to cause trouble wherever she goes. Yet, even with so much at stake, Dimitri can’t resist Megan’s particular brand of crazy. She’s wild, she’s sexy and she’s fearless. An irresistible combination for a man who lives his life completely in control. Now, after almost a year with one all-consuming focus, Dimitri finds himself torn between rescuing his sister and protecting the woman he wants from herself.

Before she gets them both killed.





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