Rage Won Best Book at the Daphnes!

I’ve just found out that not only did Rage win the Single Title category in the Daphne Du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense, but it won best published book overall!!! I am seriously ecstatic. I wish I was celebrating at the RWA awards ceremony in Denver instead of happy-dancing all on my own in New Zealand. But, what an awesome way to brighten up winter! Thanks to everyone who has read Rage already and given me such wonderful feedback. And thanks to the Daphne Du Maurier committee for making my day. <3

rage NEW aug 2018 copy

A wounded veteran who lost his purpose when he lost his legs in battle, 
and a single mother who only sees the hero he’s become. 

He’s lost his purpose… 

Callum McKay was an SAS officer when a car bomb took his legs. After his recovery, he became partner in an international security firm – one that dealt with the things governments weren’t able, or willing, to deal with. As far as Callum is concerned, he’s still the same able, competent and commanding guy he was before his accident. And then, he was proven wrong. After a screwed up mission in South America, Callum realized he was no longer an asset to his team. He was a liability. With his purpose and faith in his abilities shattered, Callum turned his back on the security company and returned to the house his grandfather left him in Arness, Scotland. He was no longer fit for action. He was no longer fit for life. He was no use to anyone at all.

…she’s giving it back…whether he wants it or not! 

Single mother Isobel Sinclair has made a lot of stupid decisions in her life. But the dumbest one has to be removing a dead body from the beach outside of her house. She panicked when she saw the dead man and was too scared to call the police, in case they found out her secrets and threw her in jail. Who would look after her kids if she was gone? No, there was no calling the police. That’s why the body ended up in her freezer and she ended going to the most terrifying man in Arness to ask for help. Callum McKay was obviously hiding from the world and clearly didn’t want to get involved with anyone or anything. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t going to get a choice in the matter – because only Callum could help Isobel now.