The Sinclair Sisters Trilogy

Read the complete series. Laugh and cry with four Scottish sisters who’ve only ever had each other to rely on – until each one of them falls in love. The fourth Sinclair sister story is told in Rage – part of the Benson Security series. Trust me when I say you’re going to love these women and wish you were part of the family!

In book 1, Can’t Tie Me Down, meet Mairi – the youngest of the four. Here’s what it’s all about: One Scottish woman who doesn’t want to get married. Thirty clueless geeks who want to be her husband. One ex-boyfriend who thinks he’s the solution to all of her problems. Oh, yeah, and a Wookiee. It’s romantic comedy at its best in a small Scottish town that doesn’t know what hit it! (Winner of the RWNZ Koru award for best short contemporary romance in 2019)



Book 2, Can’t Stop The Feeling is about Donna, the shyest Sinclair sister. Here’s what it’s all about: When Duncan Stewart’s young wife died, he was lost to grief. Now, he’s thinking less about his wife and more about his housekeeper. Donna’s smart, kind, funny and sexy as hell. She’s also up to something that involves her mad sisters, the Women’s Institute (which runs like the local mob) and his mansion house. Now all he has to do is stop their scheme, while figuring out how to date again. But Donna is worth the effort.



Book 3, Can’t Buy Me Love, tells the story of Agnes, the fiercest Sinclair sister. After years struggling to make ends meet and caring for her sisters, Agnes is done with being responsible for a family. Now she just wants to get out of Scotland and have a career that gives her the financial security she’s never had. But after her bad temper gets her blacklisted for the hotel industry, she finds herself working in a hotel in Invertary – right in the heart of Scotland. And falling in love with a single father who wants to keep her there forever.



And if you haven’t read Isobel’s story, the fourth Sinclair sister, you can find it in Rage. Here’s what it’s all about: A dead body on a secluded Scottish beach. A single mother who’s in over her head. A war veteran who’s lost his way and wants to be left in peace. There’s a storm building in Arness. A storm fueled by rage that only the fearless will survive. (Winner of the Daphne Du Maurier award for excellence in mystery and suspense, best book 2018.)






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