The Davina Code is Out Now!


One of my early books, The Davina Code, has been edited and updated and is now available again! I’ve always had a soft spot for Davina and Jack’s story, partly because it’s set in Brighton – a town I lived in and loved. And partly because the main characters are so different from each other. Davina is dippy and full of life, while Jack is cynical and buttoned up.  Together they’re hilarious! If you already have a copy of this book, it should update automatically. If you don’t, then I hope you enjoy their story. Happy reading! Janet x


When disgraced cop Jack Miller inherited a house, he also inherited a tenant. She’s sexy, mysterious and obviously up to no good. With the police department breathing down his neck, the only way Jack can get his job back is to prove he’s squeaky clean. That means getting rid of his dodgy tenant.

Davina Davenport desperately wants to be an actress. So desperate that she’s trying to make a movie using ‘borrowed’ equipment and her rented house as a cheap location. Her plan is to post the film online, become an overnight sensation and move to Hollywood. Unfortunately things aren’t going to plan. Her boss at the TV station keeps asking about the missing equipment, her cop landlord is nosing around (her and the house) and the creepy cameraman from work wants to trade sex for his film-making skills. 

If the movie gets made before Davina ends up fired, in jail or in Jack’s bed, it will be a miracle!

PLEASE NOTE: This book has also been called Action!

***Standalone romance with HEA 70,000 words***