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In one word, the answer is PERKS!

Try the subscription FREE 7 day trial to get an idea what will be happening in here. Basically, I'm going to throw all sorts of things at you! From exclusive content to early access to books (and all new releases are included in your subscription). Or how about some fun discussions and zoom get togethers? And then there's free artwork and merch. Not to mention discounts, exclusive offers, and priority invite to any in-person events.

Over the next year, I plan to build this community into somewhere everyone will feel at home. I hope you'll be a part of that. 

I realise this next year will be a learning curve for all of us, that's why I only have one tier of membership and everything goes to everyone in it. Hopefully, we'll work out the kinks together!

Can't wait to see you inside!

Janet x

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Things you will get over the next year:
  • Free new releases
  • Exclusive extras and content
  • Artworks
  • Merch mailed to you
  • Access to all short stories
  • New short stories
  • Zoom get togethers and discussions
  • Read along together events
  • Priority invites to in-person events
  • Betty's newsletter (when she can be bothered doing it!)
  • Character interviews
  • Behind the scene book info
  • Special editions and covers just for this group
And anything else that pops into my mind and I fancy doing!
I can promise you that every month, there will be something new just for you. And, I'm really hoping we can develop a wonderful group where we can get to know one another and support each other - all while having a really good laugh!