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Red Zone Awakened

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He’s hot. He’s dangerous. And he’s reluctantly saving the world. But he’s going to start with her…

Keiko Sato, the press secretary of the world’s largest tech company, is having a bad day. Her ridiculously hot one-night stand turned out to be a blackmailing criminal who only wanted to use her to get into a press conference she was holding in a secure facility. Now all she can do is grit her teeth until the conference is over and Mace Armstrong is out of her life for good.

At least, that was the plan until a group of terrorists took over the building.

Now she’s trapped in a skyscraper, hiding from terrorists who want to use her to further their cause and relying on her blackmailer to protect her. He says he’s the good guy. He says her company is using faulty materials that will kill people. He says he’s there to get evidence to stop them.

Mace Armstrong says a lot of things.

What he won’t tell her is why, if he’s the good guy, he’s so afraid that the authorities will capture him. And, even stranger, why he’s so scared of leaving his DNA behind for them to find. Seems like Mr. Tall, Dangerous and Grumpy has way too many secrets.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is a reissued and revised version of Red Awakening. If you already own that book, you don't need to buy this one.

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